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Research procedure for identifying books, journal and newspaper articles, campaign finances, campaign ads, political advertising, public opinion polls, and election data.

Election Results (National Level)

Election Results (State Level)

Election Results (County level)

Election Results (Congressional District Level)

Election Results (Precinct Level)

Voting Behavior and Exit Poll

Electoral College

Voter Registration

Election Prediction

State Statistics

Elections Related Data

American National Election Studies Primary source for public opinion on elections, political participation, characteristics of voters, and for whom they voted, 1948-2004. (Data for 2008 is being processed.) Documentation and data available for download from the Data Center for use with for use with SAS, SPSS; recent datasets available for use in STATA. Also available free to the public using the SDA Software on the Berkeley web site. Its Guide to Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior provides summary data on social, economic, partisanship, and public opinion, 1948 to present.
General Social Survey Annual survey since 1972 of public opinion and lifestyle. Covers poverty, religion, contraceptive use, opinion on foreign affairs ICPSR site provides background on survey as well as printed publications resulting from the survey. Primary data extraction available from ICPSR and UC-Berkeley
Polling the Nations Compilation of questions and responses from more than 6,500 national, state, local and special surveys in the U.S. and over 60 other countries, 1986+
UMich Only
Presidential Job Performance (Roper Center) Public opinion polls on Presidential job performance. Separate charts from Gallup, Yankelovich, ABC, NBC, and CBS rate the President several times per year since 1993. Gallup ratings include begin with 1938 and rate president's since FDR.
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research(iPOLL) The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research is the largest archive of public opinion data in the world. It is particularly strong for the United States and the last half of the 20th Century. The Library has access to iPoll, their catalog of poll questions, via campus IP address or remotely via library authentication. The Roper Center can also provide the raw data for thousands of surveys. To request data, contact the library's Spatial and Numeric Data Service at
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Public Opinion Poll Data in Print

American Public Opinion Index Most comprehensive printed index for public opinion polls from numerous organizations, 1981-2000. Corresponding microfiche in Serials/Microforms as MICRO-F X423
Grad Reference Room HM 261 .A4631
Gallup Poll Oldest of the polling organizations with annual polls beginning 1935.
Grad Reference Room HN 90.P8 G18