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Honors 242 Humanizing Science

A Note About Library Search

U-M Library Search is a search interface that allows you to search across several information categories curated by the Library. You use this interface to find items that the Library owns or subscribes to, such as:

  • books
  • journals and magazines
  • articles
  • dissertations
  • audio and video recordings
  • indexing databases
  • archival material
  • data sets, and
  • Library web pages

Many of the Library's online resources are discoverable and accessible through Library Search.

Screen shot of Library Search,

Image of Library Search,

The starting point is the Everything search, which allows you to input search terms in a single search box and to display a small number of results from:

You can switch categories of information for specific results by clicking the category name below the main search box either before you start your search or by clicking on a specific category box once results display. Note: Library Search works best with current versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers.