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ClarkData Geospatial Data Server

The ClarkData Geospatial Data Server (ClarkData) provides geospatial data to the University of Michigan campus. Most publicly available data is not replicated on this server.

Library Contact

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Caroline Kayko
240F Hatcher

ClarkData Highlights

Data highlights, licensed for use by UM users:
Landscan, 2000 to 2017 (see also the web interface ), at 01_World > Landscan
DigitalGlobe Imagery of Detroit from 2011 and 2012, at 05_Michigan > Wayne_County > DigitalGlobe_2011_2012
DigitalGlobe Imagery of Ethiopia from 2016, at 07_Ethiopia > DigitalGlobeImagery
Latin American Census datasets from Eastview, specifically: Argentine 2010, Bolivia 2012, Brazil 2010, Chile 2002, Colombia 2005, Costa Rica 2011, Dominican Republic 2010, Ecuador 2010, El Salvador 2007, Guatemala 2014, Guyana 2012, Honduras 2013, Mexico 2010, Nicaragua 2015, Panama 2010, Paraguay 2002, Peru 2007, Uruguay 2011, and Venezuela 2011 
ESRI Data and Maps (10.1 and earlier)
StreetMap North America address locators and street network datasets, at ESRI > Data_and_Maps_for_ArcGIS_10_1 > streetmap_na > data


When working with larger data files, performance will be better if you copy the data from the fileserver rather than just connecting to it.
You can access the read-only ClarkData space from most networked computers on campus, for example Clark lab computers, SITES computers, CAEN computers, faculty and staff computers, etc.. If you are on wireless or are off campus, you can do this only if you are using the VPN , although some UM-provided computing configuations on laptops will handle this for you without explicitly using the VPN.
Step by step instructions for connecting to ClarkData are available at this "Connecting to the ClarkData fileserver" document, which requires UM affiliation to be viewed.
For more information, please email .