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Introduction to Academic Integrity

Resources to help understand what academic integrity, academic ethics, and plagiarism are in practice

Writing Challenges and Tips

Writing Help

Sweetland Center for Writing - International Students


Sweetland provides support for all multilingual and international undergraduate students who are making the transition into the U-M community.

Student Voices

Matt Cline, Flickr

Great tips from real international students at UM:

Q: What are some tips to avoid plagiarism?

"Understand the content and write it down using your own words (still need to put the article in Reference List)"

"Cite all figures, tables and images that are not produced by yourself"

"Not directly copy anything from the paper. If needed, rewrite in my own way. When citing papers, give enough acknowledgement"

"Paraphrase without looking at the original paper"

"Do enough citation"

"Just try not to do it.  I jot down my idea first and if I don't have the idea or don't know how to express it, I'll find some articles and try to recap or comment with my own words."

Q: Which online writing resources do you find useful?

"Google Scholar and well-written papers in my field"

Q: Which citation management programs do you use?

"I use Mendeley and Zotero"

Q: Which online writing resources do you find useful?

"The Online Writing Lab at Purdue"

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