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THL Evidence-Based Practice

Guides, Tutorials and Presentations offered by Taubman Health Sciences Library on Evidence-Based Practice

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About Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-Based Practice or Medicine uses current research to inform diagnosis and treatment decisions within clinical situations.

Evidence-Based Practice Resources

These videos from the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library at Yale demonstrate how to use evidence-based practice resources.

Find It Fast #1: Introduction   video
A review of the basic steps for finding clinical information, especially how to construct a focused, answerable clinical question.

Find It Fast #2: The Clinical Question   video
Learn about the various types of clinical questions and how they are associated with different types of research studies.

Find It Fast #3: The Pyramid of Resources   video
Clinical information resources are usually classified by the extent to which they are critically appraised, often using a pyramid diagram to distinguish different tiers of resources. This tutorial explains the differences of the two tiers and shows how various clinical resources fit into the pyramid model.

Find It Fast #6: ACP's PIER   video
Learn the basics of using ACP's PIER (Physician's Information and Education Resource from the American College of Physicians).

Find It Fast #8: Clinical Queries in MEDLINE   video
Learn how to quickly find the critically appraised content of MEDLINE using PubMed or Ovid, including using clinical filters to help you find the best types of studies for your clinical question. This tutorial also demonstrates how to use the various clinical query filters both in PubMed and in Ovid  MEDLINE. 


The Health Sciences Library at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill has created an online Evidence-Based Practice tutorial.

For more help with searching for evidence-based practice, please contact your linformationist. Click here for a list of informationists by department, school, or center.