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Library Research Guides

Integrating Library Services and Resources with Canvas

Information for instructors on how to integrate University of Michigan library resources into Canvas sites. Also, how to give someone Librarian access to your site.


Library tools provide students with access to library materials and services from within your Canvas site. 

As an Owner or Instructor of a Canvas site, you can add any/all of the following tools to your site:


U-M Library Help for displaying the "Ask a Librarian" live chat window. 

U-M Library Search for finding U-M Library books and articles.

U-M Library Research Guides for displaying a library research guide (like this one).

U-M Library Materials for displaying materials in various collections on physical reserve for your class.


And don't forget: you can currently add a Librarian to your course site.  Adding a librarian to your site can allow your librarian to easily access course materials, add to course content, post to the announcements and discussion areas, and work more efficiently as a collaborator.