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Integrating Library Services and Resources with Canvas

Information for instructors on how to integrate University of Michigan library resources, such as search bars, research guides, and modules into Canvas sites. Also, how to give someone Librarian access to your site.

Add a librarian

Who should I add?

Canvas does not automatically know which librarian to add to your site. Do you? If you're not sure, you can explore the list of subject librarians available at the Library website or at the Kresge Library website.

Also, remember that many library experts have titles other than Librarian.  You can add anyone to your Canvas site in any role you choose. A note below describes why sometimes it's appropriate to add library experts in the role of "Teacher" instead.

Why should I add them?

Persons added to your site in the role of Librarian will be able to add content to your site. The content they add might be pre-packaged, like one of our self-guided Modules, or it might be specific to your course, students, and term. Persons added as librarians can participate in Canvas Zoom meetings, Discussions, and Chat. They can post Announcements. They cannot see the Gradebook and cannot comment on Assignments that students submit.  In order to see assignments and grades, they need to be added in the role of "Teacher".

How do I add them?

You add librarians to your site the same way that you would add any individual not on your official roster. A person's "Login ID" is their U-M uniqname, and we recommend adding U-M users this way. You can add more than one librarian to your site if it's appropriate to do so. 

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