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Library Research Guides

Essentials of Library Research

This guide will help you define your topic, find books & articles, evaluate the information you find, and cite your sources.

1. Your Topic

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A good paper starts with a well defined topic. Check out the resources on Your Topic to brainstorm, narrow or broaden your topic, and break your topic into keywords or search terms.

2. Finding Books & Articles


You have a topic, so what's next? Finding Books & Articles will give you the info you need to get started navigating the library's article databases and catalog.

3. Evaluating Information

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You'll want to use the best sources to back up your argument. Evaluating Information will help you identify a scholarly source, demystify peer-review, and evaluate the quality of your sources.

4. Citation Help


MLA? APA? Chicago? We've got you covered. The resources on the Citation Help page will guide you through parts of a citation, citation styles, and our favorite citation generators.

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