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Library Research Guides

History 202: Doing History

A research guide for students in History 202: Doing History, the gateway seminar for history concentrators.

General Biographical Resources

Several of these resources are restricted to University of Michigan users.  You may be prompted for your uniqname and password in order to access some resources.

General Reference Sources (Online)

Finding Topic-Specific Encyclopedias in Mirlyn

Both Hatcher and Shapiro libraries have rich collections of subject-specific encyclopedias on almost any topic. 

One way to search for them in Mirlyn is to use the topic as a keyword search: e.g., encyclopedia medieval women as an "All Fields" search.

When that doesn't work, try an Advanced Search using "encyclopedias OR dictionaries" as a SUBJECT term and a topic keyword(s) as an ALL FIELDS term.  Not all historical dictionaries will have "encyclopedia" in their title, so this will increase the likelihood that you will find a relevant source.

For example:

All Fields: europ* politic*

Subject: encyclopedias OR dictionaries

[Note: the * at the end of "europ" is a wildcard, which means that Mirlyn will search for alternate endings of the word (e.g., europe, europe's, or european).]