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Designing Professional Posters with Illustrator

Learn the six basic tools for designing and creating posters with Adobe Illustrator.

Software Options

ScholarSpace supports Adobe Illustrator for poster making, but there are other options out there!

Adobe InDesign

Omnigraffle (Mac only)

Adobe Photoshop

Corel Draw (Windows only)

Inkscape (free)

Xara Xtreme (Linux, free)

**please note that to print a poster you will want your file as a .pdf, .eps, .ai, .jpg other file types may work, please contact us with questions.

What is Illustrator?

Setting up the Poster File

If you aren't using the University of Michigan template follow these instructions to set up your Illustrator document.

  1. Open Adobe Illustrator
  2. Create a new "Print Document"
  3. Set the dimensions of your document as desired (48"W x 36"H recommended, but check with the venue at which you are presenting)
  4. Set the color mode to CMYK
  5. Do not worry about any of the other settings on this page, they are what you want!
  6. Click "OK"