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Women's Studies 240: Introduction to Women's Studies

Supports the research needs of students currently taking Women's Studies 240: Introduction to Women's Studies (ws240).


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Meredith Kahn
Librarian for Gender & Sexuality Studies

Feminist Consciousness Raising Project

While enrolled in this course you will complete a team project on feminist theory and feminist action in relation to a specific issue. This guide contains information about how to find scholarly books and articles, how to cite your sources, and how to avoid plagiarism.

If you need help finding resources for your assignment, please use Ask a Librarian or contact the Women's Studies Librarian via email.

Find Books (and other research materials)

Want to find books, documentaries, government information, and other research on your topic? Use Catalog Search to find both physical and digital items owned by the U-M Library. You can see an example search below.

Image of the U-M Library catalog search with the words "gender," discrimination," and "employment" in the search box.

Find Articles

Looking for articles? Try Articles Search to find scholarly articles on any topic. You can see an example search below. Notice that this search is narrower than the search for books. Because articles tend to be written on more specific topics, you'll need to think carefully about how to narrow down your topic and translate it into keywords for searching.

example of an advanced search using the terms "discrimination," "workplace OR employment," "gender," and "silicon valley"