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Joanna Thielen
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I am the librarian for the BME, ME and ISD departments in the College of Engineering plus the library liaison to UMTRI.

Please contact me ( with any questions about U-M Library's services, spaces or collections. You can also schedule a consultation with me by clicking the 'Schedule Appointment' button on the left. I'm here to help!

My Guides

Automotive Engineering
Last update: Dec 3, 2021 71 views
Biomedical Engineering
Last update: Jan 3, 2022 52 views
Coulter Program
Last update: Dec 17, 2021 6 views
Last update: Jan 13, 2022 67 views
Last update: Jun 8, 2021 59 views
Last update: Dec 3, 2021 4 views
ISD 503: Practicum
Last update: Nov 17, 2021 35 views
Last update: Jan 3, 2022 23 views
Mechanical Engineering
Last update: Jan 9, 2022 210 views
Last update: Jan 10, 2022 75 views

My Subject Specialties

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