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History 195-003: Struggles for Independence and the Decolonization of Africa

Finding Secondary Books

The Library Catalog lists all of the books, including ebooks, owned by the Library. You can limit your search to ebooks by going into Advanced Search and clicking the "Available Online" box below the search boxes. 

Image of the advanced search interface of the Library Catalog, showing where to check the "Available Online" box under "Additional Search Options."

The Library Catalog also includes books that are primary sources. If you want secondary sources, try sorting your search results by newest first.

Image showing a list of Library Catalog search results and the dropdown menu to sort those results. The menu has been changed to "Published/Created Date (newest first)."


The catalog is not always the easiest thing to search. Please email me if you're not finding what you need, or try some of these tips.

You might need to search variants of a word, or use synonyms. Searching for specific time periods can also be tricky. You might need to do a broad search and then skim through the results.

Use a country name as a subject to narrow your results immediately. You can also use "history" as a subject. Be sure to combine these searches with other words, though. 

The advanced search defaults to searching specific fields. If you want a broader search, make sure to change the dropdowns to "All fields."

Image of a library catalog search for "Senegal" as a subject and "decolonization" in all fields.


You can also narrow your results after you search using the menu of the left side. 

Image showing the left menu of search results in the Library Catalog. It shows filtering options for subject, publication date, and language.