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Campus Support for Faculty Creating Video Resources

Describes sources of support for faculty who are considering using video as an instructional component in courses.


Across campus, a number of support units provide assistance to faculty in the design, production, distribution, and use of video in teaching and learning.  Up until now, there hasn’t been a single point of reference to understand the types of media-related services available across campus. This document is an attempt to begin to collect this information in one place so faculty can know where to go for support, and what services are available.

This document will serve as a brief summary of the video-related services available to faculty, and how to access these services. It provides contact information and a quick summary of each unit’s digital media services. All of these units have a scope of service that extends much further than merely video-related support, but this document is focused purely on how they support the use of video in teaching and learning. Of course, this is an ever-changing landscape, so best efforts will be made to update this document regularly, and additions and corrections are always welcome.

Services available to individual schools are listed, as well as campus-wide services which are available to all faculty regardless of school.

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