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Research Data Management (Health Sciences)

Data Management Plan Considerations

Although DMP requirements vary by funding agency, your plan will typically need to address the following topics:

Data Description:

  • What type of data is it - numeric, text, images? What format is it in?
  • How much data will there be?
  • How will the data be collected or generated, and for how long? What tools and methodologies will be used?
  • Will you be using secondary data? What is the source of the data?
  • Who is responsible for managing the data and implementing the data management plan?

Data and Metadata Standards:

  • What data and metadata standards will be used? If there are no existing standards, how will this be addressed?
  • What file formats and naming conventions will be used? How will the data be organized?
  • How will the metadata be managed and stored?

Data Access, Sharing, and Re-Use:

  • Does the project involve human subject data? If so, what are your plans to protect and anonymize the data?
  • Are there any intellectual property considerations that need to be addressed?
  • Are there any patent or licensing restrictions to be considered?
  • How should the data be attributed?

Archiving and Preservation:

  • Where will the data be archived, and for how long?
  • Is there a discipline-specific repository available?
  • What software or tools should be archived with the data to facilitate re-use?