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COMM 322: Flint Water Crisis research group

Suggested resources for students doing research in Professor Derek Vaillant's winter 2021 research course

Specific to Flint/related topics

Finding sources related to the Flint Water Crisis

You will be searching for various types of information as you do your research - whether that be on the web, social media, news articles, etc - both primary and secondary sources. Collected on this guide are various resources mentioned in class, loosely grouped by larger content types or themes.

Not sure where to start?

Not sure where to start your search?  Try Library Search to see results from the catalog, articles, databases, online journals and library website pages.

Catalog Search results will include everything in our physical collection (books, audio, video, maps, musical scores, archival materials, and more), as well as materials available online such as electronic books, streaming audio and video, and online journals.

Use Articles Search to locate scholarly and popular articles, as well as reference works and materials from open access archives.


Library Search

Searching the library catalog

Use Library Catalog Search to discover additional primary sources as well as books on your topic. Books explore a subject in depth, and contain valuable citations in their reference lists. You can also find government reports or hearings, magazine and newspaper titles, DVDs, videos, audio CDs and other materials using Catalog Search. Items from the Askwith Media Library are searchable in the catalog.

Some suggested subject headings (controlled keywords) related to Flint that you can try in the library catalog (use the advanced search and choose "subject" from the drop-down menu):