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Vulnerable Children, Youth and Families in Society

Guide to finding research and information related to the study of children and youth in social work, along with some resources on domestic violence and family issues.

Subject Guide

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Darlene Nichols
Hatcher Graduate Library

Select Books on Children, Youth & Families

Finding Information on Children and Family Issues

  • New to the topic of child welfare, social work and the family or other topics related to children and youth?  Get an overview of the topic using a subject encyclopedia or handbook for Background Information
  • Find Books on your topic to gain additional information on your topic. Some books will have specific perspectives, others will be a collection of articles by many different authors. Books may not be as current as recent journal articles but a book allows authors to cover a topic in more detail. Because a single book may cover many topics or perspectives your search may need to be more general than when searching for articles.
  • Search for scholarly Journal Articles using article indexes. Articles provide you with  peer-reviewed research, the research in journals may be more current,  since it takes less time to publish an article than a book and articles allow you to narrow your search and get more specific with your topic.
  • Use Statistics and/or Data to back up your research.  The government has a wealth of data and statistics and the University Library subscribes to some databases which index or provide data on specific topics. 
  • The library also provides DVDs and other Video Resources that may help your research or provide background on a topic.