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SOC 325: Project Community Advanced Practicum

(Winter 2022)

Recommended Library Databases for Articles

About Library Databases

Library databases (also known as "indexes") identify articles published on a particular topics. In addition to journal articles, many databases will also identify book chapters, dissertations, and other reports. 

  • Full Text: Note that the full text of articles will not always be available directly within a library database. When the full text is not located in the database, look for the MGet It button. Click on MGet It to connect to the full text.MGet It button
  • Saving Article Links: Note that the URLs in your browser bar for database searches are temporary and are usually not persistent. Look for database tools that allow you to copy and paste citations, and/or look for permalinks or document URLs in the article records, and/or options to email yourself the citation and a link back to the article.

Best Bets

Start your scholarly literature research in one of these subject specific databases. Select the subject area most applicable to your community context.

Sociology Databases

Criminal Justice Database

Education Database

Public Health Database

Additional Database Options

Not finding what you need in the "best bet" database for your community context? Select one of these databases:

Multidisciplinary Database (Scholarly Articles)

Multidisciplinary Database (Scholarly and Popular Articles—e.g., newspapers and magazines)

Other Subject-Specific Databases