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Library Research Guides

History 399: Environmental Activism in Michigan

Bentley Historical Library

The Bentley Historical Library collects the materials for and promotes the study of the histories of two great, intertwined institutions, the State of Michigan and the University of Michigan. The Library is open without fee to the public, and we welcome researchers regardless of academic or professional affiliation.

The Bentley’s 11,000 research collections range from the papers of governors of Michigan, to the records of student and faculty life at the University, to the entire historical record of intercollegiate athletics at Michigan, and much more. The Library houses a state-of-the-art conservation lab that conserves books, maps, architectural drawings, and other materials. The lab is also where expert archivists and conservators teach conservation techniques and aid in the reformatting of preserved materials.


Bentley Finding Aids

The finding aid provides information about:

  • The origin of the collection or record group

  • A brief biography or historical sketch of the individual or organization that created the collection

  • A statement of the intellectual and physical organization of the collections

  • A narrative "scope and content note" describing the intellectual content of the collection as a whole and of its major subdivisions

  • A detailed "contents list" providing a hierarchical listing of the collections from the series down to the file, or possibly the item, level

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NOTE: Not all collections have finding aids. If you are beginning your search, we recommend looking in the MIRLYN catalog first.

Bentley Vertical File

The vertical file contains clippings, pamphlets, reprints, and other miscellaneous materials relating to persons, places, organizations, and topical subjects relating to Michigan. 
To retrieve material from this section of the vertical file, fill out a call slip including the topic and the call number as shown below, followed by an x, for example "EA.5bx." For material described in this list as "Out box," use the words "Out box" instead of the x, for example "EA.5b Out box."

Michigan Daily Digital Collection

The archives provides searchable access to over 200,000 digitized student newspaper pages from 1891 through 2014. New volumes of the newspaper will be added in the future as they are available. The Michigan Daily Digital Archives project has been generously funded by The Kemp Family Foundation.

Bentley Environmentalism Subject Guide

The Michigan Historical Collections document the environmental movement through a great number of manuscript collections, from the papers of governors and senators to those of environmental organizations and individual environmentalists. This subject guide is arranged topically, in order to serve the interests of researchers. Activism and Advocacy highlights manuscript and organizational collections that relate to environmental advocacy groups, individual activists, and environmental watchdog organizations. 

Bentley Image Bank
The Bentley Image Bank includes more than 25,000 digital images scanned from the Library’s diverse collections. 


Bentley Online Audiovisual Collection

Among the Library’s 8,000 research collections there are thousands of audiovisual recordings in multiple formats ranging from magnetic tape, discs, wire recordings, and cassette tapes to film and video.

The recordings found here are a rich resource for the study Michigan’s and the university’s history and include interviews, oral histories, musical performances, athletic events and radio and television broadcasts among other genres.