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UC 151 Medical Ethics

A course guide for students in Medical Ethics.

3. Searching PubMed

While you could begin your search with the more complex search string from the previous page, you could also choose to use a simple search & then build out your search based on the indexing of articles that you find.  Here are the results of a simple search in PubMed.

images of PubMed search results page

Article AbstractPpage

I found an article in the search results that looks interesting, so I clicked on the article title to come to the abstract page.  The page also has the MGet It button, which is your link to the full text of articles & a list of similar articles.

image of PubMed article abstract page

Further down the page is a link to the MeSH terms (indexing terms specific to PubMed) that have been applied to this article.  You can consider adding some of these words to your search, for example, "communication" and "social media".

image of lower half of article abstract page