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Cultural Competence

Increase intercultural awareness and competencies for traveling abroad and living among culturally diverse populations.

Inventory of Ethnic Groups

Need more resources on ethnic groups? Look at books within the call number range: GN495.4-674.


Native Peoples of the World (2013 ebook)

Introductory entries of native groups, countries and some related concepts.

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life (2009 ebook)

Volumes organized by continent, entries by ethnic or national group. Covers history, language, politics, customs, religion, social issues, daily life, relations, etc.

eHRAF World Cultures (database)

This ethnographic database covers multiple aspects of cultural and social life and can be browsed alphabetically by group name, or by region or country. Includes document collection. Text may include anthropological terminology.

Encyclopedia of World Cultures (1991 ebook)

Volumes organized by continent, entries by ethnic group. Includes introduction, history, economy, social relations and organization, religion, etc. This encyclopedia builds onto eHRAF information.

Encyclopedia of sex and gender : men and women in the world's cultures (2004 book)

Encyclopedia begins with gender concept, differences, roles and institutions discourse, followed by ethnic group entries that include a cultural overview and gender-related information.


 USA & Canada

Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America (2000 ebook)

Entries by American ethnic group. Covers history, food, language, customs, greetings, social and gender dynamics, arts, media, etc.

Multicultural America: An Encyclopedia of the Newest Americans (2011 ebook)

Entries by immigrant groups in the U.S. Covers background, migration and assimilation, demographic profile, impact on the U.S., later generations, notable people, etc. Includes timeline, map and statistics.

Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples (1999 book)

Entries by Canadian ethnic group. Covers origins, migration, community, family, culture, religion, politics, etc.

A Native American encyclopedia: history, culture, and peoples (2015 book)

Entries organized by region and ethnic group. Includes overview, history, religion, government, customs, economy, dress, war and contemporary issues. Cultures & Ethnic Groups (website)

U.S. government's recommended links to resources related to African, Asian, Hispanic and Native Americans, and Women.

American Indian History Online (website)

Summaries, videos, slideshows, biographies, primary sources, maps and graphs on American Indian groups.

Latin America

Endangered Peoples of Latin America: Struggles to Survive and Thrive (2001 ebook)

Chapters sorted by region and communities. Provides information on traditional economy, social and political organization, religion, and threats to survival.


One Europe, many nations: a historical dictionary of European national groups (2000 ebook)

Entries by ethnic group. Includes flag, map, descriptions of the people, their homeland, history, language, religion, etc.

Ethnic groups of Europe: an encyclopedia (2011 book)

Entries by ethnic group. Overview discusses history, demography, language, etc.

Middle East & Northern Africa

Encyclopaedic Ethnography of Middle-East and Central Asia (2005 book)

Entries by ethnic group. Includes overview of geography and population, language, history, society, family, ethnic conflict, economy, religion, culture, etc.

Endangered Peoples of Africa and the Middle East: Struggles to Survive and Thrive (2002 ebook)

Chapters sorted by region and communities. Provides information on traditional economy, social and political organization, religion, and threats to survival.


Encyclopedia of African peoples (2000 book)

Entries by ethnic group. Visual guide to history, language, ways of life, social structure, culture & religion.

Almanac of African Peoples & Nations (1999 book)

Brief introductory entries on African language families, languages by country, and peoples and nations by country.

Asia & Oceania

Encyclopedia of the peoples of Asia and Oceania (2009 book)

Entries by ethnic group. Includes an overview of location, time period, ancestry and language, followed by a timeline and details about history, cultural identity, etc.

Ethnic groups of North, East, and Central Asia (2014 book) & South Asia and the Pacific (2012 ebook)

Encyclopedic entries by ethnic group. Overview describes population and history.

The Encyclopedia of New Zealand (website)

New Zealand government's online encyclopedia with entries on different ethnic groups, regions, creative and daily life, government, social concepts, nature, etc.

Coconet TV (website)

Interactive timeline, games, photos, blogs, videos about and from people in the Pacific.

Tribal Asia (2004 book)

A photobook of tribes in ancient Arabia, India, mountains, Central Asia and Malay archipelago.