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Cultural Competence

Increase intercultural awareness and competencies for traveling abroad and living among culturally diverse populations.

News Sources

Academic Texts

Regional & National Cultures


Encyclopedia of the Peoples of Asia and Oceania (2009 book)

Entries by ethnic group. Includes an overview of location, time period, ancestry and language, followed by a timeline and details about history, cultural identity, etc.

Ethnic Groups of North, East, and Central Asia (2014 book) & South Asia and the Pacific (2012 ebook)

Encyclopedic entries by ethnic group. Overview describes population and history.

Encyclopedia of Modern Asia (2003 ebook)

Entries by concept. Includes people, festivals, themes, and subject entries on architecture, cuisine, cinema, literature, etc. 

Charting the Pacific (website)

Discover stories of lives in the Pacific and explore maps, country profiles, and regional statistics and issues.


Culture Shock! ebook series (Asia & Oceania)

Travel guide titles by country. Covers land and history, society, customs, local views, lifestyle, food, touristic activities, language, work and fast facts. Commentary can be blunt and colloquial.

Cultures and Customs book series (Asia)

Titles by country. Introduces country and its history, then covers religion, customs, media, cinema, literature, and arts in more depth. 

Culture Smart! book series (Asia & Oceania)

Travel guide titles by country. Covers country overview, various ethnic groups, values and attitudes, customs and traditions, etiquette, local lifestyle, entertainment, transportation, business and communication.

Etiquette Guides ebook series (China, Korea & the Philippines)

Titles by country. Includes information on character and values of the people, social etiquette, business etiquette and useful expressions.

The Encyclopedia of New Zealand (website)

New Zealand government's online encyclopedia with entries on different ethnic groups, regions, creative and daily life, government, social concepts, nature, etc.

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Images, Videos & Documents

ECAI Pacific Language Mapping (website)

Language atlas of the Pacific area, Southeast Asia, and Madagascar.

Yousef Jameel Centre for Islamic and Asian Art (website)

The University of Oxford Ashmolean Museum's online collection of art from the Islamic Middle East, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and the Himalayas.

Trove (website)

The National Library of Australia's digital collection of Australian books, images, newspapers, maps, music, websites, etc.

Coconet TV (website)

Interactive timeline, games, photos, blogs, videos about and from people in the Pacific.

Tribal Asia (2004 book)

A photobook of tribes in ancient Arabia, India, mountains, Central Asia and Malay archipelago.


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