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Cultural Competence

Increase intercultural awareness and competencies for traveling abroad and living among culturally diverse populations.

Adjusting to the U.S.

U-M SNRE Cultural Adjustment (website)

Guide and videos for culture shock, greetings and academic adjustment with a focus on the U.S.

U-M International Center: Adjusting to the U.S. (website)

Questions for international students to think about when adjusting to the U.S. and Ann Arbor.

International Student Guide to the U.S. (website)

Guide for international students adjusting to college and American life.

News Sources

Foreign Perspectives (books)

National Cultures

Culture Shock! ebook series (USA & Canada)

Travel guide titles by country. Covers land and history, society, customs, local views, lifestyle, food, touristic activities, language, work and fast facts. Commentary can be blunt and colloquial.

Culture Smart! book series (USA & Canada)

Travel guide titles by country. Covers country overview, various ethnic groups, values and attitudes, customs and traditions, etiquette, local lifestyle, entertainment, transportation, business and communication.

Global Affairs Canada - Country Information Canada (website)

Canadian government's country insight and cultural information for Canada from local perspective. Covers communication, dress, social institutions, entertainment, stereotypes, etc. Cultures & Ethnic Groups (website)

U.S. government's recommended links to resources related to African, Asian, Hispanic and Native Americans, and Women.

Interexchange Learn About the U.S. (website)

Recommendations for American books, TV/movies, music, sports, food, touristic attractions, as well as cultural activities in individual states.

Encyclopedia of Ethnic Groups

Images, Videos & Graphs

American Indian History Online (database)

Summaries, videos, slideshows, biographies, primary sources, maps and graphs on American Indian groups.

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