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COMM 159: Global Media Microclimates

Suggested resources to use for the final project assignments for Derek Vaillant's Comm 159: Global Media Microclimates

Not sure which database to use? Try Articles Search.

Library Articles Search results will include scholarly journal articles, newspaper articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, and more.

About article databases

The databases below allow you to search through many different periodicals (journals, magazines, newspapers, etc.) at once. Some of them are very broad and include periodicals from a variety of different academic disciplines (for example, ProQuest Research Library and JSTOR). Others are more subject-focused, and include only journals or periodicals related to a specific discipline (for example, Communication and Mass Media Complete). Always keep in mind what kinds of resources are included, in whichever database you choose.

Suggested databases

News Databases

Not sure where to start? These online databases allow you to search through thousands of articles, from many different newspapers, at the same time.