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Center for International Reproductive Health Training (CIRHT)

Information sources for CIRHT partners, students, faculty, clinicans and scholars.

PubMed Resources

Access PubMed:

For online tutorials from the National Library of Medicine, click here.

For help using the Single Citation Matcher to verify citations, watch this video from the Yale Medical Library.

MyNCBI Tutorials

Overview of MyNCBI from NLM.  video

MyNCBI, pt 1. Creating an Account & Saving Searches.  video

MyNCBI, pt 2. Creating Collections.  video  

MyNCBI, pt 3. Using Filters.  video

MyNCBI, pt 4. Using Preferences.  video  

Searching PubMed (National Library of Medicine)

Simple Subject Search.  video

Searching with the MeSH database.  video

Combining MeSH terms.  video

Applying Subheadings and other features of the MeSH database.  video

For additional PubMed videos, please click here.

Exporting results in special formats

How do I save PubMed search results in .CSV format using FLink?

About Mendeley

Mendeley is a citation management tool that, like many others, lets you collect and organize citations, and then easily insert them into documents and format bibliographies.  But it also lets you drag and drop PDFs into your library and extracts the metadata for you--voila, you have a library! It automatically renames PDFs with the author last name, title, and date, so that you no longer have goups of PDFs titled "fulltext.pdf."

You can highlight and annotate your PDFs and share them with others.  Colleagues can then also annotate the same document, with each author displaying as a different color.

Use more than one device?  It's not a problem!  Download Mendeley Desktop to as many computers/devices as you want, then synch them with a click of your mouse.  Need to use your library away from your computer?  Mendeley Web gives you access to your citations no matter where you are.

Mendeley is social:  create a profile, follow other researchers, create a network of people doing similar research.  Discover the articles and journals that are being read in your field right now.

Create collections of papers.  Make them public and share them with an RSS feed (great for class reading lists!).

Mendeley's free version has some limitations on space(1 GB web storage, 500 MB each for personal shared storage) and users (5) and shared collections (10), but you can purchase premium plans  for more web and personal storage space and more users and shared groups.

Mendeley's User Forum lets you suggest changes to the program and then shows  you how many votes your idea has and if Mendeley is going to use it.




If you need more help with Mendeley, use this reaserch guide ( the Mendeley web site.