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Women's and Gender Studies 240: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

Supports the research needs of students in American Culture/Women's Studies 240: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

Not sure where to start?

Sometimes deciding on a topic for your work can be the hardest part of the assignment. Looking at newspapers, magazines, and blogs can help you find a topic, issue, or organization you are interested in, and can even provide sources for your assignment in this class. Below you'll find a partial list of resources you can consult to help you get started.

News and Magazine Sources

Databases for News Articles

Use these databases to search for articles in newspapers and magazines.


A few examples of magazines that might help you find a topic, feminist issue, or organization for your assignment.


This is not an exhaustive list of every blog you might want to look at for this class. Rather, these are examples of well known blogs that feature content on women, gender, sexuality, race, ability, and many other issues. Take a look at a few of them if you are having trouble coming up with a topic, issue, or feminist organization for your assignment.