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ProgressLab Resources

Useful resources for Prof. Sara McClelland's Psychological Research on Gender, Research Methods, Sex & Sexuality Lab (ProgressLab).

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Vitalina Robinson


Article databases

Click below for quick access to these databases, all of which offer full text and/or MGetIt links.  Click the tabs above for more information, tutorial videos, etc.

PsycINFO    |  Gender Studies Database   |    LGBT Life

PubMed     |     Google Scholar      |     JSTOR

Recent articles See feeds of the latest articles from top journals such as Psychology & Sexuality, Gender & Society, and more!

Help documents and tutorial videos on Mendeley, including info on file management and syncing.

Useful Resources

Associations for feminist sociology & psychology; teaching resources; suggest items to add here!

Other Research Guides

Please consult these related Research Guides if you'd like to explore more tools and resources for finding information.