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Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID)

This guide will walk you through ORCID. It will provide information about ORCID, its purpose, and how to register and use it to distinguish you, your research and your publications. To access ORCID, visit ORCID.ORG

ORCID Research Identifier Management System

U-M researchers have two options to create an ORCID. Click this site for instructions on how to integrate an ORCID with your MCommunity--a directory and identity management system for U-M-- with the new ID. The other option is to go to directly and either create a new ORCID username and password, or create a log in with your University of Michigan account. We recommend the second option, which links the University of Michigan account with the user's ORCID. To do so, click the Institutional Account tab and type in “University of Michigan” into the search box.

Then enter your University of Michigan Kerebos Uniqname and password, and accept the permissions list that pops up. After that, you will be able to edit personal information, add publications, a biography and educational information, and more. 

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This page explains the implementation of ORCID by the University of Michigan Library and answers some frequently asked questions.