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U.S. Community Health

Provides resources (data, reports, and more) related to community health in the United States.


I need to: Example questions:  Resources to consider:
To find health statistics and demographic data. What percentage of children in the U.S. are overweight or obese? 

Is Michigan making good progress on improving childhood immunization rates?


US Census Bureau Data

County Health Rankings

Social Explorer

World Bank Open Data

FastStats A to Z

Michigan's Open Data Portal


To find international data, statistics and background information.  

What percent of Botswana's rural population has access to water?

What is the average life expectancy for a woman in India?


World Bank Open Data

WHO Country Profiles


To find health disparities and health education information.

How many people identified a hospital, emergency room, or clinic as their primary source of care?

What kinds of interventions have been implemented to reduce new cases of chronic kidney disease?



   Health Disparities Guide


   National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports


To find relevant information about the people who make up a community.

What states have the largest Asian-American population?

Is Michigan's divorce rate higher than the national average?


U.S. Community Health Research Guide: Populations

Office of Minority Health Data & Statistics

MDHHS Vital Records


To do a basic literature search. What research is being done on improving access to healthcare for senior citizens?





Google Scholar @ UM