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Campus Support for Faculty Creating Video Resources

Describes sources of support for faculty who are considering using video as an instructional component in courses.

Contact Info for MDTS

Walk-in help is available to Medical School faculty by visiting room 3901 Taubman Health Science Library during regular business hours, or by calling 936-2903.

MDTS web site




Contact Info for ETS


Walk-in support is available to Medical School faculty by visiting Room 2919, Taubman Health Sciences Library during regular business hours, or by calling 936-2233.


ETS web site

Media Development & Technology Support

image of collaboration space at LRCThe Medical School's Media Development & Technology Support unit provides a full suite of services to Medical School faculty who wish to use video in teaching, including the ability to direct, shoot, edit, produce, and distribute video.  MDTS has produced standalone videos, but most often works with faculty to create clips that are used in online instructional tools.

MDTS has worked with a large number of faculty over the years, and has robust tools for incorporating media into instructional or research tools. They are taking advantage of existing tools, such as those available from the LAMS foundation, which enable faculty to easily create instructional modules which incorporate video into lessons.

Example projects:

  • Media conversion services are available to faculty, to convert audio or video files from one format to another.
  • MDTS staff have worked with many faculty to create video simulations of patient interactions.

Educational Technology Services

Lecture capture and in-class video projection for classes in the Medical School are supported by Educational Technology Services. To a lesser extent than MDTS, they can also provide production services to shoot and edit original video for instructional purposes.