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Library Research Guides

Aging & Gerontology

Provides research and information resources related to the study of aging and gerontology.


The library offers many e-books which can be read online or downloaded temporarily to your computer. 

Library Catalog Search

Tips for Searching the Library Catalog

Use the Library Catalog Search to find books, journal titles, databases, DVDs, and other materials. 

  • Basic Search lets you enter a few key words to get started. 
  • Advanced Search allows you to refine your search by choosing a date range, language, format, academic discipline, a specific library location or collection, and more. Find more information on searching at the Search help page.

Combining Search Terms

Using alternate terms in your search can help focus your results. For example, using synonymous words combined with OR can expand your search to include various terms that reflect the same idea:

aging OR gerontolog*
elderly OR aged 

Using the connecter "AND" in Library Search will narrow your results. The search will return results that have both terms present, not just one. 

elderly AND black
aged AND women

You can also create a more complex search by combining multiple connecters.

(elderly OR aged) AND (black OR "African American")
(elderly OR aged) AND (women OR female)

Make sure you capitalize any connecter words (AND, OR, NOT) when searching or the Library Search will disregard them.

Can't Find a Book?

Can't find a book you need in Library Catalog Search? You can request a book from Interlibrary Loan or UBorrow, services which allow you to borrow materials from other libraries provided the University of Michigan does not own the items.

UBorrow Service

For faster service first check to see if the book you need is available through UBorrow. Use the UBorrow link, log in with your Kerboros name and password and search to see if the book is available from one of 14 academic libraries in the Midwest. If you find the book, click on the title and see if there is a link labelled "Request."    You may need to log in but then you will see a form with appropriate information filled in. Simply click on the "Submit Request" button to request this book.  The library does it's best to make materials requested using UBorrow available within 5 business days.


You will receive an email when this book is delivered and available for you to pick up at the library you have designated as your pick-up location.

screen shot of form


Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

If a book is not available through UBorrow your next step is to request it through Interlibrary Loan. Follow the Interlibrary Loan link available here and log in when prompted.



Image of Interlibrary Loan web page