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Guide to the U-M Library for New Graduate Students

Quick and easy need-to-know information when you're a grad student. Includes insider tips from university librarians and staff to help provide you with a unique pool of information and resources.

Why look up dissertations?

We know you're just starting grad school... but it's a great idea to take a look at dissertations by folks who have already gone through the process.  Why?

  • To get a sense of how narrow or broad a dissertation topic needs to be.
  • To make sure your dream topic hasn't already been done.
  • To scope out potential committee members.  Looking at related dissertations is a great way to find potential outside readers.
  • To get familiar with the dissertation structure and research processes, since you will be writing one.
  • To check out all those sappy acknowledgement pages.

Need help with your dissertation lit review?

Never fear: we have just the guide for you!

Finding U-M dissertations

Dissertation Help

Dissertations from all over