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Health Disparities in the U.S.

Provides information & resources on conducting research on health disparities in the United States.

Health Disparities vs. HealthCARE Disparities

How do you distinguish between the two?

Health disparities are differences among population groups (that is, ethnicity, gender, income) in the incidence, prevalence and outcomes of health conditions, diseases, and related complications of diseases. 

Healthcare disparities are differences among population groups in the availability, accessibility, and quality of healthcare services aimed at prevention, treatment, and management of diseases and their complications, including screening, diagnostic, treatment, management, and rehabilitation services.

General Resources

General Resources, cont'd.

Health Statistics Guide @ U-M

View this guide, from the Taubman Health Sciences Library, for more detailed resources of health statistics.

Finding Health Statistics

It can be challenging to find and interpret health statistics.  If you're having trouble finding or using statistics, these guides are a good place to start.

State & Local Data