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News Sources

Recommended resources and search tips for finding news in a variety of formats. Includes how to find international newspapers, historical newspapers, articles with a particular viewpoint, how to evaluate sources, and much more.

Television News Sources

Internet, Radio, and Other News Media Sources

Library Access and Paywalls

Is the content you want behind a paywall?

  • Newspapers and magazines produce both print and web editions
  • The library subscribes to both editions, when possible, but web-only content is sometimes omitted from library access
  • Web-only content may include articles, newsletters, blog posts, videos, interactive media, and data visualizations

How do you check what kind of content we have?

  • Look for the title of the newspaper or magazine using Library Catalog Search and check the "holdings" tab
  • When you link into online access via the library, check for a description of what's included - news aggregators like ProQuest and Nexis Uni will provide dates of coverage and descriptions of online editions, in some cases.

What to do next?

  • If you're looking for a particular article or author, use Library Articles Search
  • If you're not sure, Ask a Librarian to double check
  • Explore the limits of the paywall - are you allowed a certain number of articles for free? Some paywalls are deliberately porous and there may be other ways to get the content (for example, NYTimesMinusContext twitter feed)
  • There may be an educational discount for individual subscribers


For more detailed information about paywalls and library access, click the link below: