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Improving Health Literacy: Improving Health Communication

Provides information and resources on improving health communication.

Health Literacy Forum

In recognition of October as Health Literacy Month, the University of Michigan Health Sciences Libraries (HSL) organized a two-day forum with the aim of building a community network to improve health communication. On the evening of Thursday, October 22nd 2009, HSL hosted a panel discussion of literacy statistics and local programs aimed at improving health literacy and health communication. The panel discussion can be viewed in the box below.

Panel speakers:

  • Amy Goodman, executive director of Washtenaw Literacy, discussed the issues and prevalence of illiteracy in Washtenaw County.

A poster session followed the panel disscuion and featured 18 community programs aimed at improving health literacy. Poster abstracts can be viewed here and event photos can be viewed here.

On Friday, October 23rd 2009, Jean Shipman taught a morning workshop on improving health literacy. She discussed research and development of the Medical Library Association's health information literacy curriculum and then taught the program that they created. The workshop slides are viewable at the bottom of this column.

Health Literacy Panel Discussion

The panel discussion has been separated into eight parts with each one under ten minutes in length. Each video part has been added to a playlist for the Health Literacy Forum Panel Discussion series and can be viewed in the single player below. Click the playlist button to the right of the play button to see a list of all eight videos. Each video section can be selected and viewed separately and out of sequence.

Event Photos



The entire photo album can be viewed here.