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Learning GIS

Resources for learning GIS concepts and tools, including ESRI's ArcGIS products, and QGIS.

SAND Offerings

The Clark Library sometimes offers short, free workshops on various topics. CSCAR and LSA IT may also offer workshops at various times on GIS topics.

Faculty are invited to work with SAND to offer in-class instruction sessions and workshops on finding and using data. Email Nicole Scholtz to schedule a session.

Possible topics to include in courses are:

  • Intro to ArcGIS
  • Aerial Image Sources and Ways of Exporting
  • Working with U.S. Census Data in ArcGIS
  • Land cover and soil data in ArcGIS: Finding and manipulating land cover and soils data from national sources
  • Creating 3D contours: Working with elevation data in ArcGIS
  • Geocoding in ArcGIS
  • Preparing data and using tools in Network Analyst for ArcGIS
  • Georeferencing Images in ArcGIS
  • Excel for Data Clean-up
  • Online Tools for Mapping Demographics