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THL Citation Management

Tutorials provided by the Taubman Health Sciences Library on citation management programs.

RefWorks Resources

Access RefWorks here.

The Library's subscription to RefWorks will expire at the end of December 2018.  Use this link to find out how to export your Reworks' library to another citation management program.  If you have any questions or would like assistance in  selecting or learning another program, please contact the Taubman Health Sciences Library (


Videos from the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library at Yale & from the University Library on using RefWorks. You will learn how to import citations from PubMed, insert citations into Word, format your bibliography and paper, export references, etc. 

Please note: 

“Yale Links” is the same as “MGet It.”

The University of Michigan does not provide access to the RefShare component of RefWorks.

Check the formatting of your references before submitting your paper.  Occasionally, formatting may be slightly off (for example, capitalization  may be consistently lowercase in title, when proper nouns should be capitalized).  Have questions?  use the APA Documentation link on the Writing Citing, & Research Guide, check the print APA style manual, or use the Ask a Librarian service.

Adding references to your RefWorks library

Adding References of Known Articles to RefWorks.  video

Adding References of Known Books or Book Chapters to RefWorks.  video

Importing PubMed Search Results to EndNote & RefWorks.  video | html

Exporting Search Results (Ovid SP) to RefWorks.  video | html


Working with Word documents

Creating Independent Bibliographies.  video | html (scroll down to find instructions)

Inserting Citations and Formatting Papers with Write-N-Cite.  video | html

Inserting Citations and Formatting Papers without Write-N-Cite.  video | html

Removing Duplicate References.  video

Globally Editing Multiple References.  video

Exporting references

Exporting References to EndNote.  video | html


Video tutorials from RefWorks can be found here.

To set up Write-N-Cite 4 for the first time, click here.  Some people are reporting problems with Write-N-Cite. You have several options.  1. delete, then reinstall the Write-N-Cite add-in; 2. Follow these steps to delete the PQ working  files.

  • Close Word. The PQ files in Windows 7, 8 & 10 are located in C:/Users/%UserName%\AppData\Local. You may need to show hidden files within your file options. (To show hidden files on your computer go to the Tools Menu in Windows and select Folder Options. Make sure the radio button (Show Hidden Files and Folders) is checked under the View tab.)
  • Delete all of the files starting with PQ.
  • Go to & install the latest version of Java, allowing the installer to remove any older versions.
  • Open Word & login to W-N-C.

3. Open a blank Word document & add citations;  or 4. Download the RefWorks Citation Manager (at the bottom):   Watch this video to see how it works: 

For RefWorks information from the U-M Scholar Space, click here.

RefWorks can be accessed here or from the THL website.

RefWorks Handouts

RefWorks Quick Start Guide