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Nursing at Michigan Medicine

Provides resources, strategies and information for UMHS nurses.

Evidence Based Research

Evidence Based Research is a systematic process that integrates clinical expertise and patient choices with the best available research.  This practice requires the ability to perform an efficient search of the literature and to critically evaluate the quality of information found. 

Appraising the evidence requires a knowledge of types of evidence and basic study design.

Quick Evidence

ANA Research Toolkit

Online books from Joanna Briggs Institute

We now have access to the following books in JBI's Synthesis Science in Healthcare Online Book Series.

Book 1: Translation Science and The JBI Model of Evidence-Based Healthcare

Book 2: Synthesizing Qualitative Evidence

Book 3: Synthesizing Evidence from Narrative, Text and Opinion

Book 4: Synthesizing Quantitative Evidence

Book 5: Synthesizing Evidence of Risk

Book 6: Synthesizing Evidence of Diagnostic Accuracy

Book 7: Synthesizing Economic Evidence

To access these books, log into UM-MEDSEARCH and click on Books at the top of the screen.

More Information

For more information about evidence-based research, see the Nursing research guide.

Study Design Types