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Research Impact Metrics: Citation Analysis

Information on how to use library resources for citation analysis, including information about impact factors, journal rankings, altmetrics and how to find who has cited an article..

Introduction to Journal Metrics from Scopus

You can find metrics for a specific journal or compare journal metrics for items indexed in Scopus by clicking on the "compare journals" link. 

screen shot showing compare journals link

On the Compare journals search page search for journals you'd like to compare, by name, by publisher or by specific ISSN number. The example below shows a search for journal titles with the word "disability" in the title, which resulted in a list of 21 journals. The default option compares these journals based on SCImago Journal Rank (SJR). Click on the column header SJR to sort this list of so that the journal with the highest SJR appears at the top. 


screen shot - search disability in journal title and sort by SJRScopus displays a chart, comparing the journals selected by default. Use the tabs above the chart to compare titles by other metrics. You can also switch from a chart visual to view the information as a table. Tables can be exported as a .CVS file and visuals can be exported in a number of different formats using the  zip file option from the export button. 

screen shot of chart visual

Scopus Journal Metrics Definitions

Calculation of SNIP & SJR

Scopus Journal Analysis Tutorial