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Mirlyn Classic

Guide to using Mirlyn Classic, a previous version of the University of Michigan Library Catalog.

Finding Course Reserves

Looking for a book on reserve for your class? Mirlyn Classic is the best place to look for information about items on Course Reserve. To begin, click on the Mirlyn Classic Catalog link near the bottom of the Library Catalog Search screen.

Once at Mirlyn Classic, choose Course Reserves from the options at the upper right corner.

Mirlyn Classic Course Reserves


Once you have connected to the Course Reserves section of the catalog, you have lots of options for finding your course material. Use the dropdown menu at the left to select a field for searching.

Search by:

  • Course Name if you want to see all of the reserves for a particular course or can't remember the specific reserve item you need to find.
  • Instructor Name is a good way to search for all of the reserves for a particular instructor. It can also be useful if you're unable to find your course by name.
  • Title and Author searches are useful if you are looking for a specific item on reserve and have the information in front of you. But please note: it may be easier to search Mirlyn for title/author information.

Browse by:

  • Some of the options end with the phrase "begins with..." these options allow you to browse through the full list of course reserves. They are very useful if your searches for Course Name are not producing the results you hoped for.Mirlyn Classic Course Reserves Search.