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Mirlyn Classic

Guide to using Mirlyn Classic, a previous version of the University of Michigan Library Catalog.


To display all the Browse options, click on Browse in the yellow banner. Some of these options are not included on the Basic Search screen.

A browse search will display an alphabetic or numeric listing. Example:

Title begins with chocolate:

Browse results list

Click on the desired item to see a list of items that match the search.

Search vs. Browse

Within Mirlyn Classic, search and browse have different meanings and provide different results. This distinction is important.

Search commands include "...Word(s)" and result in a list of books, journals and other materials that have the search terms somewhere in their records.

Example: "word(s) anywhere" chocolate retrieves a list of all Mirlyn Classic records that have the word "chocolate" anywhere - in the title, author, publisher, subject, etc.

Browse commands usually include the words "...begins with...". "Call number" and "Author (last name first)" are also browse commands. The result of a browse is an alphabetic or numeric list with your term or the nearest match in second position.

Example: "title begins with" chocolate retrieves:

3 Chocolat
4 Chocolate
1 Chocolate & Cocoa

The basic search screen provides both word and browse search types. Additional options are available on the advanced search screen and on the browse screen.