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All About Images

Focuses on many common image questions in regards to image resolutions, resizing images, file types, vector and raster images, scanning, saving and more.

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Preparing Images

Photographer holding a DSLR camera to their face to take a photo.

Working with Images

Images are very important for the visual presentation of your document, presentation or website. However, working with images can sometimes be difficult because we have to consider things like resolution, image size, file size, and color mode.

This guide is meant to help clarify and answer some common image questions, such as why photos print blurry, what file type should I use, and what's the difference between changing resolution and resizing.

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What's in this Guide?

What's in this guide?



Raster vs. Vector Images

  • Raster Images

  • Vector Images

  • Raster Image Applications

  • Vector Image Applications

Image File Formats

  • Common Image File Formats

  • Native File Formats

  • Image Transparency

  • RGB and CMYK

What is Resolution?

  • What is Resolution?

  • Choosing Correct Resolution for Your Image

  • PPI and DPI

  • Physical vs Memory Size

  • Resolution for Web


  • Why is Resizing Important?

  • Improper Resizing

  • PPI and DPI

  • Physical vs Memory Size


  • Scanning Images

  • The Moiré Effect

Changing Resolution with Photoshop

Resizing with Photoshop