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Access and use SciFinder through the web version for exploring chemical literature and substance information.

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Yulia Sevryugina
205-C Hatcher North,
913 S. University Ave., Ann Arbor, MI, 48109-1190

Access to SciFinder-n

Are you new to U-M? Never used SciFinder-n before? 

If you never had a SciFinder account before, or if you are new to U-M (even if you had an account at your previous institution), the first step is to create your individual user name and password . Once created, log onto SciFinder-n with your newly created username and password. 

I am not new at U-M but I used old SciFinder before. How do I login to SciFinder-n?

Log onto SciFinder-n here and simply use your current SciFinder username and password. Old SciFinder is no longer available.

Are you trying to access SciFinder-n off campus or using a wireless connection?

If you are off campus or using a wireless connection, please use this proxy link or VPN to log onto the database instead of using the link shown on your confirmation page. 

Problems with access

There are many reasons why you may not access SciFinder.

Above listed access links to SciFinder are for researchers associated with U-M ONLY

The most common reason is that you are not associated with U-M. It also happens when you are new and your access has not yet been initiated or when you graduate from university and become an alumni. 

Note! Emeritus professors shall retain access to all university resources.

If you had a SciFinder account at a previous institution, make sure you are using the one you created at U-M. Accounts created elsewhere will not be recognized on our network.

To confirm your association with U-M, please contact circulation desk at

Above listed access links are for researchers associated with U-M Ann Arbor Campus ONLY

Patrons affiliated with a particular campus are only able to authenticate through their campus's proxy server. E.g., Flint faculty they will have to use the Flint proxy server and when off-campus should use links from the Flint Library's website.
Solution: Below is the portion of the Flint Library's database with databases beginning with "S.":
Scroll down to "SciFinder" and try that link for accessing SciFinder. If the patron is not on the Flint campus they should get a Flint Library page asking for a uniqname and password.

When you work off campus, your IP may not be recognized

To access resources remotely you can either

You encounter a blank page

When your access is confirmed and yet, when accessing on campus Wifi  or with VPN, you encounter a blank page, you may need to clear your browser history/cookies and try again.

It may be something else

Contact your Chemistry Librarian, whose contact information is displayed in the profile box on the left if you cannot access Sci-Finder-n:

  • After your U-M Library access is confirmed;
  • You use VPN or proxy link when working off-campus, and
  • Your computer has no obvious technical issues.

Your computer may have technical issues

If you confirmed your access with circulation desk and are not able to access SciFinder-n on campus, contact LSA IT Service desk by phone at 734.936.3279.

Walk-In Access

We are able to provide occasional walk-in access to SciFinder to members of the general public under the following conditions:

1. It's for non-commercial use.

2. The access is via a public computer at the Library.

If you are interested in walk-in access, please make an appointment with the Chemistry Librarian (Contact information shown on the Library Contact box on the left column of the Access SciFinder tab).

SciFinder Mobile

Need a quick check? You may access limited features of SciFinder using your smartphone. See here for details. You may login with your SciFinder account. There is no IP address restriction and your access through smartphone does not occupy our concurrent seats.

There is no app to download; just point the Web browser on your smartphone to or scan this QR code:

QR code

Note: Access through iPad will be directed to the web version of SciFinder (i.e. there will be IP address restriction and seats limit for iPad. 

Important! SciFinder-n has a new touchscreen-capable structure drawing/editing tool ChemDoodle.