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Research procedure for identifying books, journal and newspaper articles, campaign finances, campaign ads, political advertising, public opinion polls, and election data.

Campaign Finance Statistics


Searchable data base of campaign contributions for Presidential and Congressional candidates beginning in 2000. Access by candidate, political action committee, or 527 organization. Information is cross-listed in several ways.

Non-partisan research group monitoring campaign finances Summary reports on Presidential (2000+) and Congressional (1997+) campaigns by contributor, industry and zip code. Data base also searchable by donor. Earlier data for the 1990s appears in paper copy in the Documents Center: JK 1991 .O63.

Summary receipts and disbursements of Presidential and all Congressional candidates since 1999-2000. Search by candidate and year; then drill down to detail on individual contributors.The FEC began collecting data in 1976. Printed publications are irregular but you can identify them in the Library catalog doing a search: SUBJECT BEGINS with Campaign funds -- united states -- statistics -- periodicals. ICPSR data sets appear in the Library catalog as: SUBJECT BEGINS WITH Campaign funds -- united states -- statistics.


Amount of money presidential candidates received from individual oil companies. Top House and Senate recipients of oil money and how they voted in relationship to oil issues.


Under the Members section. Search by Member of Congress to determine individual campaign or PAC contributors since 1987 and financial disclosures since 1991. Separate section on campaign finance reports. Similar to data found on the Federal Election Commission web site but easier to use.


Candidates for state office and their campaign contributors beginning 1994. Contributors by industry or special interest for a state.

Campaign expenditures by state for gubernatorial races, beginning 1977. Includes cost per vote. Research project by Thad Beyle and Jennifer Jensen.


Campaign Finance Debate

Campaign Finance Reform CQ Researcher analysis dated June 13, 2008. Overview, graphs, chronology, and pros and cons of campaign finance reform. Links to similar articles dating back to 1924.
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