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Resources in mathematics.

Math resources on the Web


History of Mathematics


  • Mathematics Archives software A user friendly archive of MAC and PC public domain and shareware software packages organized by mathematical categories.


Mathematics Links

  • World Wide Virtual Library for Mathematics maintained at Florida State University, a good jumping off point for web resources in mathematics.
  • Mathematics Archives, maintained on a server at the University of Tennessee Knoxville mathematics department, a rich source for links to web based mathematics resources.
  • Math Net a website devoted to connecting information for mathematicians in Germany. A good source for European web resources for mathematics and an interesting model for connectivity.
  • Math Forum created in 1996 at Swarthmore College, and purchased in April, 2000 by WebCT, this site provides FAQ's on mathematics, for K-12 and university level. The Forum is focused on mathematics education. Also included is an Ask Dr. Math reference service.