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Emergency Medicine

Guide to electronic resources in support of Emergency Medicine faculty, staff, and students.

Step 1: Login to NIHMS

Users can log in to NIHMS using their eRA Commons login (for extramural scientists) or their NIH login (for NIH intramural scientists). Third party submissions may be made by My NCBI account holders who are acting for the eRA Commons Principle Investigator. Publisher login accounts are available for publishers interested in submitting manuscripts on behalf of authors to NIHMS.

Step 2: Publication Information


  1. The name of the journal in which the manuscript appears 
  2. The title of the manuscript

Step 3: Designate NIH Grant Support

Select all appropriate (NIH and/or HHMI) grant funding that supported the manuscript.

Step 4: Upload Manuscript

Upload the manuscript and any supplemental data (figures and/or tables, etc.). The system will generate a receipt of the uploaded files in PDF format. The PDF Receipt summarizes the information entered into the system, and merges the manuscript's files into one viewable document. Submitters confirm that the manuscript and any additional supporting documents have been successfully received by NIHMS. The NIHMSID is assigned at this time.

Step 5: Approve Deposit

An email will be sent to the Principal Investigator (PI), or whoever has been designated, to approve the PDF and indicate the release date when the manuscript will be made publicly available on PMC. Upon approval, the manuscript will be converted into XML - the standardized digital format used by PubMed Central.