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Provides resources, strategies and information on conducting research in nursing.

Peer-Reviewed Journal vs. Popular Magazine

Quick overview chart of scholarly or peer-reviewed journals vs. popular magazines developed by the University of Michigan Shapiro  Library.


Journal [scholarly]

Magazine [popular]


Detailed report of original research or experiment.

Secondary report or discussion may include personal narrative, opinion, anecdotes.


Author's credentials are given, usually a scholar with subject expertise.

Author may or may not be named; often a professional writer; may or may not have subject expertise.


Scholars, researchers, students.

General public; the interested non-Specialist.


Specialized terminology or jargon of the field; requires prior knowledge.

Vocabulary in general usage; understandable to most readers.


Bibliography Required. All quotes and facts can be verified.

Rare. Scanty, if any, information about sources.


Developmental Psychology, Journal of Abnormal Psychology. Almost anything with Journal in the title. Usually come with memberships in scholarly societies and are only available in libraries or by subscription.

Psychology Today, Discover, news magazines. Almost anything available

Creating the Answerable Question


P - Patient or Population: Describes the most important characteristics of the patient

I - Intervention: Describes the main intervention

C - Comparison: If appropriate, describes the main alternative being considered

O - Outcome: Describes what you are trying to accomplish, measure, improve or affect

T - Time: time for the intervention to achieve the outcome