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You are about to undertake a great new adventure as a UM student and as a Summer Bridge scholar. And we, at the UM Library, are excited to share the library's many resources with you. Though you cannot enter our physical libraries now, you can access a

Scholarly Vs. Popular Sources

Understand that scholarly articles are printed in scholarly journals, also known as scholarly periodicals. But, there are other kinds of periodicals. Magazines are considered popular journals or periodicals. They are not considered academic or scholarly. It's important to know the difference between scholarly and popular sources when you begin your research.

Types of journals you might encounter are:

  • Scholarly Journal: Reports original research or experimentation, articles are written by an expert in the field for other experts in the field, undergoes the peer-review process.
  • Trade Journal: Discusses practical information in industry, contains news, product information, advertising, and trade articles.
  • General Interest Magazine: Provides information in a general manner to a broad audience, articles generally written by a member of the editorial staff or a freelance writer, no peer-review process.
  • Popular Magazine: Articles are short and written in simple language with little depth to the content of these articles, the purpose is generally to entertain, not necessarily inform

  • The University of Michigan Library provides a variety of information sources for students for free. As a debate scholar, you too have access to these information sources. Each source serves a unique purpose in the research you will conduct throughout your time at the UM but also you will use similar sources in your college career. Google is helpful for everyday information, but for academic research it is important to use high-quality sources of information. 

    College-level research will require you to use Scholarly journal articles since they contain reliable information to help you develop arguments and provide evidence.



  • Using Library Search you should FIND OVER 24,000 BOOKS AND OVER 8 MILLION ARTICLES

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