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Beer Brewing History in the United States

Searching Beer Brewing History in the United States

The U-M Library has numerous resources for researching the history of beer brewing in the United States. This guide provides the tools to make the most of the resources here and how to find more information beyond the collections at U-M. For more information on searching for other countries, see the History (General) research guide. For information on popular additional resources for beer and brewing history in the United States, and for resources for Michigan's beer and brewing history, see Additional Resources.

See General Collections and Databases as well as Special and Archival Collections for further help on how to search U-M’s catalog.XKCD illustration of two cans and a bottle of beer.

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Recommended Reading

To get a broad overview of beer brewing in the United States, start with these titles:

Beer and Brewing History Reference Resources

There are several reference books with background information on brewing in the United States. To find additional reference material, you may search Articles Plus and limit by format to "reference."