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Climate Action Guide

Guide to local climate action initiatives, groups and other helpful information at the University of Michigan.

I want to make a difference, but I don't know where to start

Urgent action is needed to engage all citizens in the fight against climate change. This guide aims to support community discourse, activism, and practical, locally oriented actions related to climate change mitigation and adaptation. It describes and provides contact information for active campus groups, civic organizations, and engagement opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and local citizens. It also attempts to document previous efforts made to address climate change by local citizens and University of Michigan affiliates.

Guide Credits

Credit for this guide goes to U-M undergraduates Tansy Massey-Green and Jordyn Kreucher as part of their work in the U-M Library's Library Engagement Fellows program. The guide is currently maintained by U-M Librarians and staff.


If you would like to recommend activities or resources for this guide, please submit them to: